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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Perimeter or Intrusion
A: Perimeter: detection of a intruder at the perimeter by breaking glass or levering a frame open.
detection of a intruder entering alarm zone

Q:I have pets can I still have an alarm?
A: Yes Detectors are pet tolerant and a working system can be put in place

Q:How long will the alarm carry on ringing?
A: The noise pollution act allows for a maximum of twenty minutes but you can have a shorter time should you require, however the strobe light will continue to flash until the alarm is reset

Q:What happens in a power failure?
A: The system is kept running by a backup emergency battery

Q:How long does it take to install?
A: Normally wired systems are installed within eight hours, wireless can be completed within half a day, and can also be done on a Saturday for your convenience